Magic Piano


Price: 59.00 USD

Magic Piano is a great and useful collection of stage pianos, include a variety of piano type sounds, well known from Pop, Rock, and Classic music.


Patch Name |Patch Type |Patch ID |Category |Sub Category |

|Rock Stage Piano       |Program |F000 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Rock MIDI Piano        |Program |F001 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Rendezvous Piano      |Program |F002 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Nice Brilliant Piano     |Program |F003 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Let It Be |Program     |F004 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Next Door Piano         |Program |F005 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Grand Lady                |Program |F006 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Yama Piano                |Program |F007 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Imagine                     |Program |F008 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Italian Grand              |Program |F009 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Queen Upright            |Program |F010 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|You Can Live Hat On   |Program |F011 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Without You               |Program |F012 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|CP80                         |Program |F013 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|CP 80 II                     |Program |F014 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Floyd Piano                |Program |F015 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|All Of Me                    |Program |F016 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Chorused Body Piano   |Program |F017 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Reverse Piano             |Program |F018 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Heart Alone                |Program |F019 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Synth Grand               |Program |F020 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Royal Grand Piano       |Program |F021 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Velo Body Grand         |Program |F022 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Alicia Grand                |Program |F023 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|My Grande                  |Program |F024 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|KAWA PIANO               |Program |F025 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Piano Pad Tail              |Program |F026 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Chill Piano Chimes       |Program |F027 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Piano Cristal Rain        |Program |F028 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Untuned Piano :>        |Program |F029 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Different Ways            |Program |F030 |FastSynth |Long Release |
|Prophet Brass             |Program |F031 |FastSynth |Short Release |
|RMI Piano                   |Program |F032 |Keyboard |Synth E.Piano |
|Deep Stereo Piano       |Combi |D000 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Rubin Upright              |Combi |D001 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Deep Honkey Tonkey    |Combi |D002 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Deep Stereo Dark        |Combi |D003 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Stereo Bosendorfer      |Combi |D004 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Grand Ambiance          |Combi |D005 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Home Upright              |Combi |D006 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|E.Grand                      |Combi |D007 |Keyboard |Synth E.Piano |
|Journey Piano              |Combi |D008 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Don't Stop Believin       |Combi |D009 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Sweet Upright              |Combi |D010 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Elton Piano                   |Combi |D011 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Clocks                          |Combi |D012 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Right Now                    |Combi |D013 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Love Walks In               |Combi |D014 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Everybody's Changing    |Combi |D015 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|My Grand                      |Combi |D016 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Genesis Undertow Piano |Combi |D017 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Sidechain Tempo Piano   |Combi |D018 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Faithfully Pno/Synt sw2  |Combi |D019 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Stereo Piano Pad Kn1     |Combi |D020 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Nice Piano Str Kn1         |Combi |D021 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Romantic Piano Str Kn1  |Combi |D022 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Beauty Piano Str Kn1     |Combi |D023 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Dreaming Piano             |Combi |D024 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Runaway                       |Combi |D025 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|HIM PIANO                    |Combi |D026 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Old Vinyl Piano               |Combi |D027 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|Latino Octave                |Combi |D028 |Keyboard |A.Piano |
|12 Bit Piano                   |Combi |D029 |Keyboard |A.Piano |