Krome - New Products

The JMJ II comes to complete the first edition with new well known songs. Special complex pack with 128 Vintage Synth emulated programs and 10 Combis
JMJ I&II bundle pack is a great collection of 128 programs and 25 complex combis for any JMJ or electronic music enthusiast.
Natural Voices is a great sound collection based on the hi quality 24 Bit, 48Khz samples resolution and nailed programed.        
64 programs, 64 combi, 32 MB PCM for well known Pop,Rock songs.        THE LORD 1 Program F000 THE LORD 2 Program F001 Rock Ham Pr
54 very in depth tuned leads programs, bonus 6 FM programs. These programs are small prevew of my next FM pack. Wailing Lead Program F000 JD800 L
This pack is an act of courage much more than a challenge. Famous vintage synth sounds were emulated with digital synthesis witch are very hard to be
Killer Organ is a concept released by me in 2007 on Karma-Lab forum. Then I was thinking how can I make a Real Organ using Korg M3. I've created a ton
The "Killer Extra Sound Pack" contains 50 programs, 30 combinations, new  arpeggiators and drums patterns created by Dan Stesco. The
After several years of research I managed to break the digital perfection and get a fat and warm sound instead. VCO emulation is a trick that gives a