Krome - New Products

Vangelis Pack-Programs, Combi, Arp, DT and Samples     Huge Synth Program F000 LeadSynth SoftCathedral Choir Program F001 Vocal/Airy Vocal12
Magic Piano is a great and useful collection of stage pianos, include a variety of piano type sounds, well known from Pop, Rock, and Classic music. &n
Transistor organ is an advance VOX and FARFISA engine emulation full controled by Combi Tracks,Knobs and SW to have the real transistor organ fill. Al
Special Full ORGAN PACK (B3,VOX,FARFISA) 64 new organ setups in COMBI with full control mod.
The JMJ II comes to complete the first edition with new well known songs. Special complex pack with 128 Vintage Synth emulated programs and 10 Combis
JMJ I&II bundle pack is a great collection of 128 programs and 25 complex combis for any JMJ or electronic music enthusiast.
Natural Voices is a great sound collection based on the hi quality 24 Bit, 48Khz samples resolution and nailed programed.        
64 programs, 64 combi, 32 MB PCM for well known Pop,Rock songs.            THE LORD 1 Program F000 THE LORD 2 Program F0
54 very in depth tuned leads programs, bonus 6 FM programs. These programs are small prevew of my next FM pack. Wailing Lead Program F000 JD800 L
This pack is an act of courage much more than a challenge. Famous vintage synth sounds were emulated with digital synthesis witch are very hard to be
Killer Organ is a concept released by me in 2007 on Karma-Lab forum. Then I was thinking how can I make a Real Organ using Korg M3. I've created a ton
The "Killer Extra Sound Pack" contains 50 programs, 30 combinations, new  arpeggiators and drums patterns created by Dan Stesco. The
After several years of research I managed to break the digital perfection and get a fat and warm sound instead. VCO emulation is a trick that gives a