KROSS - New Products

With new concept of sounds I added fresh air for Kross. Is time for an infusion of vitamins.

The JMJ, Vintage Synth Collection and Killer Organs is now available for Kross and Kross 2.


JMJ pack now converted for new KROSS 2 system, very easy to load.
127 New programs, 15 complex combi. Some guys from the Korg forum have suggested me to try to do this pack for Kross too. I didn't belive that the lit
The drawbar emulation is a concept that is created in COMBI mod. Each tracks is a drawbar organ equivalents so different level between tracks can gene
127 programs,32 Combis.The Vintage Synth Collection is a concept witch brocken the digital perfection.I manage the internal resources of Kross to emul
Kross JMJ + Vintage (127 Programs, 47 Complex Combis) more than 30% off.