JMJ Krome Part 2

Cod: JMJK2

Price: 49.00 USD

The JMJ II comes to complete the first edition with new well known songs. Special complex pack with 128 Vintage Synth emulated programs and 10 Combis ready to play easely the JMJ songs yourself.




Equinox 5 SW2 |Combi |D000
|Laser Harp |Combi |D001
|Orient Express |Combi |D002
|Chronology 4 |Combi |D003
|OXYGEN 7 |Combi |D004
|Magnetique 4 SW1&2 |Combi |D005
|Interlude 2 |Combi |D006
|Rendes-vous 3 |Combi |D007
|Rendes Vous 2 |Combi |D008
|Oxygen 13 <SW1> |Combi |D009


|Ob-xa Fat SW1 |Program |F000
|Poly Synth |Program |F001
|Matrix Fat SW1 |Program |F002
|Massive |Program |F003
|Dynamic Pro5 |Program |F004
|Steam LFO Sweeps |Program |F005
|Prophet Pulse |Program |F006
|Mogue Pulse |Program |F007
|Retro Attack Js-Y |Program |F008
|MemoryMogue |Program |F009
|Tom Sawer |Program |F010
|Ob-8 Brass |Program |F011
|Synclav Movement SW1 |Program |F012
|Massive Trone |Program |F013
|CS 80 Pad SW2/Kn2 |Program |F014
|Dynamic Fat Pad |Program |F015
|Fairlite Pad |Program |F016
|VCO Conection |Program |F017
|Sine On Pad |Program |F018
|Super Detuned Pad |Program |F019
|Different Ways |Program |F020
|Trance Master |Program |F021
|Prophet Brass |Program |F022
|Prophet Clav |Program |F023
|Oxyacetylene |Program |F024
|Memory Pad SW1 |Program |F025
|Multi VCO Pad |Program |F026
|Wake Man |Program |F027
|Later Emerson |Program |F028
|MS20 Saw Lead <SW 2> |Program |F029
|MS20 PW Beast |Program |F030
|MS20 Hard Tune |Program |F031
|MS20 PWM Lead |Program |F032
|MS20 Drive VCO |Program |F033
|MS20 5th Saw Lead |Program |F034
|MS20 Lucky |Program |F035
|MS20 Squelchy |Program |F036
|MS20 Regular Brass |Program |F037
|OXYGEN 7 LEAD |Program |F038
|MS20 Cordless Square |Program |F039
|MS20 Unpatched Saw Lead |Program |F040
|MS20 Sweeper Lead |Program |F041
|MS20 Phantomatic |Program |F042
|MS20 EWI Lead |Program |F043
|ARP Split |Program |F044
|Weird Lead |Program |F045
|Memory Brassy Lead |Program |F046
|Memory Lead SW2 |Program |F047
|Memory Square Lead |Program |F048
|My Future Lead |Program |F049
|JJ Lead <Js-Y> |Program |F050
|Elka Synthex |Program |F051
|MS20 Fat VCO |Program |F052
|Jupiter Bass |Program |F053
|MG Pulse Bass |Program |F054
|King Bass |Program |F055
|Steams Eqinox 5 |Program |F056
|Oxygen Horns |Program |F057
|Mellodrone |Program |F058
|Vintage Strings |Program |F059
|Solina Phase |Program |F060
|Sine Synth |Program |F061
|Old Ana Comp |Program |F062
|Oxyacetylene Lead |Program |F063
|Memory Ana Lead |Program |F064
|Scatter Synth |Program |F065
|Analog Sea Noise |Program |F066
|Noise Reso |Program |F067
|EMS Js Y |Program |F068
|Poly 800 Piano |Program |F069
|Oxy Pad |Program |F070
|EMS Noise |Program |F071
|Equinox Pad |Program |F072
|Theremin Vox |Program |F073
|Equinoise 1 |Program |F074
|Mogue Bass |Program |F075
|Equinoise 2 |Program |F076
|Ramp Pizz |Program |F077
|Equinoise 3 |Program |F078
|Steams presure |Program |F079
|S&H |Program |F080
|BPM Machine |Program |F081
|Random Filter |Program |F082
|LFO Ascension |Program |F083
|Notch Sweep |Program |F084
|Modular Theme |Program |F085
|Matrix Crispy |Program |F086
|Glide and Sweep |Program |F087
|Magnetic Pad |Program |F088
|Down the Power |Program |F089
|Arp Lead |Program |F090
|Magnetic Voice |Program |F091
|Vari Lfo Speed |Program |F092
|Synth Lore |Program |F093
|BPM Telephone Jam |Program |F094
|JMJ Lead Js-Y |Program |F095
|BPM Wasser |Program |F096
|Charbon Dioxide |Program |F097
|Soft Ana Brass |Program |F098
|Cosmic |Program |F099
|Dynamic Pro5 |Program |F100
|Ober 35% Pulse |Program |F101
|Chronologie Synth |Program |F102
|Ob Bass |Program |F103
|Vintage JMJ Lead |Program |F104
|Prophet Pulse |Program |F105
|Analog Vox |Program |F106
|Industrial Town |Program |F107
|Analog Pulse |Program |F108
|Sheppard |Program |F109
|Retro Synth |Program |F110
|OXY Lead |Program |F111
|Prophet Bass |Program |F112
|Angelic Choir |Program |F113
|Ob Sweep Resonator |Program |F114
|Poly Synth 1 |Program |F115
|Jupiter Fat SW1 |Program |F116
|Synth Thunder&Rain |Program |F117
|Foto Shoot |Program |F118
|EMS Noise 2 |Program |F119
|Steams presure 2 |Program |F120
|Synthia Pad |Program |F121
|Oldies Pad |Program |F122
|Solaris Pad |Program |F123
|700 Lead |Program |F124
|Industrial Claps |Program |F125
|Equinox Pulse |Program |F126
|Equinox 5 fx1 |Program |F127