Krome Natural Voices


Price: 45.00 USD

Natural Voices is a great sound collection based on the hi quality 24 Bit, 48Khz samples resolution and nailed programed.





DooBah Choir Program F000
Epic Choir Program F001
Oohh Stereo Voices Program F002
Take Vox Program F003
Cathedral Choir Program F004
Dynamic Choir Program F005
DooDaa Dooyah Program F006
Doo Daa Dah Program F007
Dah Doo Doot Program F008
Badah Program F009
Piano Symphvox Program F010
Sunday Voices Program F011
Cathedral Males Program F012
Choir Pad Program F013
Mystic Choir Program F014
Symphonic Choir Program F015
Aahhh Program F016
Fairligt Choiro Program F017
Fairlight Vox Program F018
E-mu II Thaa Program F019
Aurora Voice Program F020
Choral Pad Program F021
Mix Scat Program F022
Ladyes Program F023
Scarry Voice Program F024
Cathedral Vox Pad Program F025
Tronic Chorus Program F026
Vox AH/OH=SW1 Program F027
Airvox Program F028
Festival Choir Program F029
Orchestra Choir Combi D000
Choir Surprising Bell Combi D001
Super Choir Combi D002
Meditative Choir Combi D003
Angelic Voices Combi D004
Classic Choir Combi D005
Incantazio Combi D006
Epic Chants Combi D007
Heavy Choir Combi D008
Jazz Voices Combi D009
Jazz Voices 3 Combi D011
Voice Of Romance Combi D012
Relaxing Voices Combi D013
Tangerine Voices Combi D014
Vintage Vox Split Combi D015
Tech Voice Combi D016
Electro Vox Jam Combi D017
Velo Choir Combi D018
Velo Multi Choir Combi D019