Price: 49.00 USD

127 New programs, 15 complex combi.

Some guys from the Korg forum have suggested me to try to do this pack for Kross too. I didn't belive that the little Kross can sound like that.



Patch List
Oxygene 1' Ob-xa Fat SW1 MS20 EWI Lead Matrix Crispy
Oxygene 1" Poly Synth 1 ARP Split Glide and Sweep
Oxygene 2 SW2 Matrix Fat SW1 Weird Lead Magnetic Pad
Equinoxe 4 SW1&2_mod Wh Massive Memory Brassy Lead Down the Power
Magnetique 1 Dynamic Pro5 Memory Lead SW2 Arp Lead
Oxygene 8 Ober 35% Pulse Memory Square Lead Magnetic Voice
Randez Vous Prophet Pulse My Future Lead Vari Lfo Speed
Magnetique 2 Mogue Pulse JJ Lead Sw2 Synth Lore
JMJ Laser Harp Retro Attack SW2 Rude Lead BPM Telephone Jam
Chronologie 2 Memory Mogue MS20 Fat VCO JMJ Lead Sw2
Souvenir de China Tom Sawer Jupiter Bass BPM Wasser
Oxygene 4 SW2 Ob-8 Brass MG Pulse Bass Charbon Dioxide
JMJ Interlude Synclav Movement SW1 King Bass Soft Ana Brass
Oxygene 5 Sw1&2 Massive Trone Mogue Bass 1 Cosmic
Oxygene 6 CS 80 Pad SW2 Oxygen Horns Dynamic Pro5
  Dynamic Fat Pad Mellodrone Ober 35% Pulse
  Fairlite Pad Vintage Strings Chronologie Synth
  VCO Conection Solina Phase Ob Bass
  Sine On Pad Sine Synth Vintage JMJ Lead
  Super Detuned Pad Old Ana Comp Prophet Pulse
  Different Ways Oxygen Analog Vox
  Trance Master Memory Ana Lead Sine INIT
  Prophet Brass Triplet Bass Analog Pulse
  Prophet Clav Analog Sea Noise Sheppard
  Oxyacetylene Noise Resonance Retro Synth
  Memory Pad SW1/2 EMS Mod Wheel Jupiter Bass
  Multi VCO Pad Poly 800 Piano Prophet Bass
  Wake Man Oxy Pad Angelic Choir
  Later Emerson EMS Noise Ob Sweep Resonator
  MS20 Saw Lead SW 2 Equinox Pad Poly Synth 2
  MS20 PW Beast Theremin Vox Jupiter Fat SW1
  MS20 Hard Tune Equinoise 1 Synth Thunder&Rain
  MS20 PWM Lead Mogue Bass 2 Foto Shoot
  MS20 Drive VCO Equinoise 2 EMS Noise 2
  MS20 5th Saw Lead Ramp Pizz Steams presure 2
  MS20 Lucky Equinoise 3 Synthia Pad
  MS20 Squelchy Steams presure Oldies Pad
  MS20 Regular Brass S&H Solaris Pad
  MS20 Clarinet BPM Machine 700 Lead
  MS20 Cordless Square Random Filter Industrial Claps
  MS20 Unpatched Saw L LFO Ascension Superb Pad
  MS20 Sweeper Lead Notch Sweep MiniPops
  MS20 Phantomatic Modular Theme