Krome Vintage Synth Collection


Price: 59.00 USD

After several years of research I managed to break the digital perfection and get a fat and warm sound instead. VCO emulation is a trick that gives a different taste of the sound for every key strike. So if you hit the same key several times you will notice that it sounds different every time. Some of the sounds were inspired from famous vintage synths behavior and the result is very close to the original.
The pack contains 64 programs and 32 combinations full controls, arpegiattors and drum track assigned.


Ob-xa Fat SW1 : Program F000 
Poly Synth : Program F001 
Matrix Fat SW1 : Program F002 
Massive : Program F003 
Magnetic Pad : Program F004 
Charbon Dioxide : Program F005
Dynamic Pro5 : Program F006 
Ober 35% Pulse : Program F007 
Chronologie Synth : Program F008 
Prophet Pulse : Program F009
Mogue Pulse : Program F010 
Retro Attack Js-Y : Program F011 
MemoryMogue : Program F012  
Tom Sawer : Program F013 
Ob-8 Brass : Program F014 
Synclav Movement SW1 : Program F015
Massive Trone : Program F016 
CS 80 Pad SW2/Kn2 : Program F017
Dynamic Fat Pad : Program F018 
Fairlite Pad : Program F019  
VCO Conection : Program F020 
Sine On Pad : Program F021  
Super Detuned Pad : Program F022 
Different Ways : Program F023 
Trance Master : Program F024  
Sine Synth : Program F025
Prophet Brass : Program F026 
Prophet Clav : Program F027 
Oxyacetylene : Program F028 
Memory Pad SW1 : Program F029  
Multi VCO Pad : Program F030
Wake Man : Program F031 
Later Emerson : Program F032
MS20 Saw Lead <SW 2> : Program F033 
MS20 PW Beast : Program F034
MS20 Hard Tune : Program F035 
MS20 PWM Lead : Program F036 
MS20 Drive VCO : Program F037  
MS20 5th Saw Lead : Program F038
MS20 Lucky : Program F039 
MS20 Squelchy : Program F040 
MS20 Regular Brass : Program F041
MS20 Clarinet : Program F042 
MS20 Cordless Square : Program F043 
MS20 Unpatched Saw Lead : Program F044
MS20 Sweeper Lead : Program F045 
MS20 Phantomatic : Program F046 
MS20 EWI Lead : Program F047
ARP Split : Program F048 12 
Weird Lead : Program F049  
Memory Brassy Lead : Program F050 
Memory Lead SW2 : Program F051 
Memory Square Lead : Program F052  
My Future Lead : Program F053 
JJ Lead <Js-Y> : Program F054 
RudLead : Program F055  
MS20 Fat VCO : Program F056 
Mogue Bass : Program F057 
Jupiter Bass : Program F058 
MG Pulse Bass : Program F059 
King Bass : Program F060
Poly 800 Piano : Program F061  
Sheppard : Program F062
LFO Ascension : Program F063 
Poly Phonique : Combi D000  
FM Pirates Joke : Combi D001
Van Kluben : Combi D002 10 0
Prophet Funk : Combi D003
EWI Split : Combi D004  
Modular Connection : Combi D005 
Subtractive Nation Js-Y : Combi D006 
Deepest Mood : Combi D007 
Raven Graven : Combi D008  
EDMond : Combi D009  
Synclav Power Intro : Combi D010 
Matrix 12 Orchestra : Combi D011  
6 VCO's Brass : Combi D012 
DT Ghost Arp : Combi D013 
Europe Synth Brass : Combi D014 
Jupiter Brass : Combi D015  
Reso Atmosphere : Combi D016 
Advanced Pad : Combi D017 
Flexy and Sine : Combi D018 
Moose : Combi D019 
Pro 5 Sweeper : Combi D020 
Ob Portamento Pad : Combi D021
Proud Pad : Combi D022 
Analog Shine Piano : Combi D023 
MonoPoly Lead : Combi D024 
CS 80 : Combi D025  
Real 2VCO Fill : Combi D026 
Polysix Sweep : Combi D027 
Memory Mogue Layer : Combi D028  
FM Celeste : Combi D029 
6 Operators Brass : Combi D030 
DX Layer : Combi D031