JMJ Krome Pack


Price: 49.00 USD

This pack is an act of courage much more than a challenge. Famous vintage synth sounds were emulated with digital synthesis witch are very hard to be replicated even with a veritable analog synthesizer.
For Jarre music lovers the dream came true. The famous Jarre songs with all effects now can be played live with two hands. Many Combi sounds are so good that I surprised myself.

In this pack you can find 69 vintage synth and sound fx programs that are very useful for electronic music of all times and 15 complex combinations with very convenient settings for easy play and control the sound fx.

69 Programs, 15 complex Combination

 Patch list:

Oxygen Horns : Program F000
Mellodrone : Program F001
Vintage Strings : Program F002
Solina Phase : Program F003
Sine Synth : Program F004
Old Ana Comp : Program F005
Oxyacetylene Lead : Program F006
Memory Ana Lead : Program F007
Triplet Bass : Program F008
Analog Sea Noise : Program F009
Noise Reso : Program F010
EMS Js Y : Program F011
Poly 800 Piano : Program F012
Oxy Pad : Program F013
EMS Noise : Program F014
Equinox Pad : Program F015
Theremin Vox : Program F016
Equinoise 1 : Program F017
Mogue Bass : Program F018
Equinoise 2 : Program F019
Ramp Pizz : Program F020
Equinoise 3 : Program F021
Steams presure : Program F022
S&H : Program F023
Random Filter : Program F024
BPM Machine : Program F025
LFO Ascension : Program F026
Notch Sweep : Program F027
Modular Theme : Program F028
Matrix Crispy : Program F029
Glide and Sweep : Program F030
Magnetic Pad : Program F031
Down the Power : Program F032
Arp Lead : Program F033
Magnetic Voice : Program F034
Vari Lfo Speed : Program F035
Synth Lore : Program F036
BPM Telephone Jam : Program F037
JMJ Lead Js-Y : Program F038
BPM Wasser : Program F039
Charbon Dioxide : Program F040
Soft Ana Brass : Program F041
Cosmic : Program F042
Dynamic Pro5 : Program F043
Ober 35% Pulse : Program F044
Chronologie Synth : Program F045
Ob Bass : Program F046
Vintage JMJ Lead : Program F047
Prophet Pulse : Program F048
Analog Vox : Program F049
Industrial Town : Program F050
Analog Pulse : Program F051
Sheppard : Program F052
Retro Synth : Program F053
Jupiter Bass : Program F054
Prophet Bass : Program F055
Angelic Choir : Program F056
Ob Sweep Resonator : Program F057
Poly Synth 1 : Program F058
Jupiter Fat SW1 : Program F059
Synth Thunder&Rain : Program F060
Foto Shoot : Program F061
EMS Noise 2 : Program F062
Steams presure 2 : Program F063
Synthia Pad : Program F064
Oldies Pad : Program F065
Solaris Pad : Program F066
700 Lead : Program F067
Industrial Claps : Program F068
Oxygene 1' : Combi D000
Oxygene 1" : Combi D001
Oxygene 2 SW2 : Combi D002
Equinoxe 4 SW1&2,Js-Y : Combi D003
Magnetique 1 : Combi D004
Oxygene 8 : Combi D005
Randez Vous : Combi D006
Magnetique 2 : Combi D007
Revlution Ind. Overture : Combi D008
Chronologie 2 : Combi D009
Souvenir de China : Combi D010
Oxygene 4 SW2 : Combi D011
JMJ Interlude : Combi D012
Oxygene 5 Sw1&2, Kn1 : Combi D013
Oxygene 6 : Combi D014
Randez Vous : Combi D020