Price: 29.00 USD

Killer Organ is a concept released by me in 2007 on Karma-Lab forum. Then I was thinking how can I make a Real Organ using Korg M3.
I've created a tone wheel sound and I used it to simulate the drawbars. I've assigned a special Organ Fx with manny of useful controls. So the Organ emulation has been born.
Krome Killer Organ is a real organ emulator optimized to work perfectly in the limit of polyphony, having all the controls handy that are needed for real expressive organ player: Click On/Off button, Rotary speaker Fast/Slow/Brake, Organ Vibrato-Chorus Type and Level, Overdrive On/Off, Spring level and also some cool groove generated by arpegiattors and drum tracks to create a song or to practice easier.
How to install:
For easy install I prepare the Organ engine with two programs.
Just copy two programs in the same locations in the bank F and load the combis in a your free location.
Also in the pack I have two type of save:
DSORGAN1.PCG with the organ engine located on programs F-000 and F-001
DSORGAN2.PCG with the organ engine located on programs F-126 and F-127